Capraia Island Tour: Exclusive  tour in the natural and enchanting Capraia Island,  one of the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Overflight  on the Tuscan countryside and Chianti area reaching the Etruscan coast and landing on Capraia Island next to the majestic Castle. Break for about 3 hours to visit the Island, lunch and/or swimming in the crystal waters of the Tirreno Sea. Return flight to Pratello. Time tour about 4h00 – Capraia Island is a small Italian island off the coast of Tuscany. It has protected national park status, and is extremely unspoiled and rich in wildlife. With hillside footpaths and lovely views, Capraia is a great get-away for hikers and nature-lovers. Things to see on the island include the abandoned penal colony – one of the island’s most popular walks (more below) traverses through the ruined buildings and agricultural complexes which were part of the extended prison. Other walks from town include sights like the ancient ruinous church of Santo Stefano, near the island’s modern vineyard at La Piana, and a small lake which is an unusual feature for an Italian island. Capraia is a paradise for botanists and bird-lovers; it has several endemic species and a huge range of typical Mediterranean plants and shrubs. The island’s principal habitat is the characteristic Mediterranean shrubland known as macchia (maquis). Spring and early summer is the best time to visit for wildlife, but even in autumn there are flowers blooming as well as berries, birds and butterflies. Look out for the huge dark butterfly known as the Two-Tailed Pasha, which lives on the strawberry tree, the mouflon (wild horned sheep) which roam the hills, the gulls and ravens which live on the island and migratory birds which pass through. Dolphins and whales are occasional visitors to the island’s waters.

Flight time about 65/70 minutes

Flight price for up 5 passengers € 2.070,00

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