10 Things to do in Pitigliano


As promised we start talking in our future posts of Maremma, its villages, its sea and its secrets …

Today is the turn of the small Tuscan Jerusalem, Pitigliano Italy. The arrival of itself in this village is suggestive, coming from the sea, Pitigliano appears immediately after a big bend and surprises us in its majesty although it is not a big city. The first thing that makes it original is being entirely dug into the tuff and legend has it that its name is due to two Roman brigands, Petilio and Ciliano who hid here after stealing a gold crown.

But what to see in Pitigliano maybe in a weekend?

Certainly the historic centre made mainly by 3 streets: walking through these streets it seems that the time has stopped in many many years ago … It is accessed from the ancient port located in the square Petruccioli, we assure you that it will be a pleasure to get lost in all the streets and between a picture and the other a little healthy shopping in the many quaint little shops that you will find with much ease during your journey!

ghetto ebraico pitiglianoThen you can not lose the visit to the Jewish Quarter and then to the Synagogue which is located in Vicolo Manin, founded in 1598, collapsed in part in the 60’s and was later renovated, It is open every day except Saturday. Inside, you will find a testimony of the Jewish community, cellar and slaughterhouse Kosher, a tannery and unleavened baked at which you can not make a jump! We also recommend a visit to the Jewish cemetery, that it was built at the behest of Nicholas IV Orsini, in the second half of the 500 as a burial place for members of the Jewish community of Pitigliano.

Also do not miss a visit to the Civic Archaeological Museum of Etruscan civilization aperto dal 1995 where you will find an exhibition of mostly Etruscan unearthed during the excavations at the necropolis of Poggio Buco near Pitigliano. Small but really delicious. The Archaeological Museum with the Museum of Palazzo Orsini, is set in Palazzo Orsini, the splendid residence of the counts of Pitigliano and Sorano, built in the XII century. Just outside of Pitigliano we find the Necropolis Gradone that develops along the homonymous street, you’ll find yourself traveling over long corridors tuff and you will find yourself in the burial chambers, great experience between history and mystery.

vie cave pitiglianoOn the way from Pitigliano to Sovana is located the Temple Paleocristiano excavated into the rock and probably adapted from an Etruscan tomb, very suggestive.

And last but absolutely not less important we suggest the vie Cave, mysterious Etruscans paths dug into the tuff, reach up to 25 meters deep, truly unique works in the world!

What else to say… equip yourself with comfortable shoes and go!

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