4 villages to visit in Maremma

With this new post We bring you back in the Maremma to discover 4 villages you must-see during your vacation!

The first village to which a visit is definitely due is the little Jerusalem of Maremma, Pitigliano.

Village entirely built on tuff of breathtaking beauty, you will be speechless before even getting inside the village for the grandeur with which will present to your eyes.

Lose yourself among its narrow alleys and its colorful artisan shops, you’ll find yourself catapulted back in time!



On a hill, not far from Pitigliano, lies the village of Manciano, thanks to its location will give you at the beginning of your visit a beautiful view over the surrounding landscape!

Within its center you will find many testimonies of its ancient rulers such as the famous Rocca Aldobrendesca. The country turns in half an hour but really worth seeing every corner, a real gem of Tuscany!

A few minutes from the village are the Terme di Saturnia, where you can enjoy a well-deserved day of relaxation in an enchanting place.



Now we arrive in a village famous worldwide for its wine …Scansano, and of course the wine is the Morellino, what about starting your own visit with an excellent wine tasting in one of the many lovely wine shops that you will find in the village? And then walks through the narrow streets of this village you will find historical buildings, museums, churches and unique archaeological sites in the world!

Another village of rare beauty is surely Magliano! Also this country is of Etruscan origin and walking through its streets you will find many testimonies, in the center of this village there is even the Archaeological Documentation Centre which is home to the interesting archaeological finds.

Look out then to its imposing walls, a beautiful landscape of olive trees, vines and cottages capture your view!

And you … You already prepared your suitcase for the holidays?

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