What to do in Sovana

rocca aldobrandesca sovana

Today we’ll talk about a real jewel of the Maremma: the charming village of Sovana. Although it is a small village, the things to see are many, merit for his Etruscan and medieval past. If you love walks full of culture and history, this is the place for you. Just outside the center appears the […]


10 Things to do in Pitigliano


As promised we start talking in our future posts of Maremma, its villages, its sea and its secrets … Today is the turn of the small Tuscan Jerusalem, Pitigliano Italy. The arrival of itself in this village is suggestive, coming from the sea, Pitigliano appears immediately after a big bend and surprises us in its […]


Why visit Maremma?

Why visit Maremma… Because it is one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, right ?!
We begin in an ironic way to write on our blog, but we won’t joke at all later, when we’ll talk of Tuscany and else!
But let’s start from the Maremma, in fact, for the few who still do not know it, is a part of territory extending from Tuscany to Lazio, characterized by an uncontaminated nature and green fields whose sight would excite anyone.